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I had the great pleasure to discover the music of Doris Marie Williams a few weeks ago. When she recently performed at the Unitarian Universality Church of Farmington Hills, her music inspired me to rethink about nearly forgotten dreams and hopes that once grace my life many years ago. On harp and lute, and through her soulful voice, I found myself taken away from the anxieties of the world and brought into a gentle place which reminded me of the beauty of the human spirit and our wonderful ability to manifest compassion and love. Immediately after the service, I found myself finding out more about her music and her work. I feel as though our crossing paths has been a true blessing in my life and I have been introduced to new avenues of the expression of healing and empathy. I am so grateful that our organization invited her to share her exquisite gift with us.

From Karlene Chase in California, who contributed to my music by buying my CD Renaissance and Beyond
I met this beautiful singing Angel Doris through a group on Facebook. Her voice of healing is here to behold for our world. A true GIFT. Doris' Aura is incredibly uplifting and exrtremely postivie.

Sean Fullerton, Music Writer & Producer writes: "Doris's naturalness and ease in sharing definitely helps others to be themselves, to open up. One of the most refreshing things about her nature is the way she lives out loud, unashamed. Whenever I'm tempted to hide my talents under a blanket, I think of how she walks out on stage without props and bares her soul with a single line of melody. . . She's an inspiration..." "Without question, Doris is one of the most gifted artists working today. Whether singing Elizabethan folk tunes or classical arias, playing jazz piano or writing singularly original songs, this soulful young woman is an unstoppable force of creation."

Jeffrey Rensch writes: "Doris's voice is limber and pure and her musicianship is sound. Performing Renaissance or Celtic music she seems to make a direct expressive connection from those earlier times to right now. You owe it to yourself to hear her!"



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