"Singing is Sacred -
Singing Heals - Singing is Life"

Whenever I sing in church, everyone tells me I sing like an angel. So I decided to start my Singing Angel Music Therapy Services. I myself have been comforted in prayer and spiritual songs. Especially healing is when I write them, as in psalms, or daily prayers and meditations from a Daily Prayer book that I use every morning.

I would like to be that special companion, spiritual comforter, singing friend, supporter, healer, and music therapist to bring songs to anyone who is in mental, spiritual, or physical pain, grief, anguish, or depressed - for anyone who needs healing.

I include any religion, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist in this music therapy. I also know some Yogananda chants or mantras. Traditional hymns, such as: Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, Blest Be The Tie That Binds, Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, In The Garden, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need. These are songs that are comforting and healing.

Mainstream music in the pop and folk genres, movies, musicals, and rock also can be very healing, and are used for music therapy in many situations. In those genres, songs like Wind Beneath My Wings, May It Be [from "Lord of the Rings"], or The Rose are healing songs of hope, love, and comfort.

I am open to any setting, church, home, nursing home, retirement home, funeral, memorial service, or even outdoors for my music therapy, singing angel service. I also can provide soft lute music, Celtic, Renaissance, or original folk, and wooden flute for quiet times, spiritual comfort, meditation and healing.

Castle Kelly, Irish Tune on Renaissance Harp

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